CLE Adventures – Destination Seminars

CLE Adventures provides quality destination seminars allowing attorneys to maximize their precious time away from the office. Our Destination Seminars allow you to obtain continuing legal education credits and connect with colleagues while enjoying the added benefits of select events and destinations.

For seven years, our seminars at signature sporting events and top resort areas have offered a perfect mix of engaging speakers, peer connections and relaxation to ensure each attendee benefits professionally and personally.

Please contact us for more information or if you are interested in partnering with an upcoming event.

Our Backstory

Time is a scarce commodity at my home – there is very little extra. Having an attorney for a husband, and a very active family, down time is very precious. After many years of working with attorneys and organizing events and continuing legal education, I realized most want to combine an educational experience with a little fun. CLE Adventures was born! We’re a destination seminar company providing attorneys and their families a little fun mixed in with a little education. So….let us know just what you want and we will put together an amazing experience for you!

Cindy Johnson Seeley, President

Full Compliance with Tax Laws

Seminar tuition and associated travel, lodging and meal expenses are tax deductible if the primary purpose of your trip is to maintain or improve professional skills.* While you should always consult your tax advisor regarding your personal situation, CLE Adventures seminars and workshops are designed to comply fully with current tax laws.

* See Treasury Reg. 1.162.5; Coughlin v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 203 F 2d 307.